Published activities encompass various events of interest for doctoral students and neuroscientists. These mainly include seminars and meetings, theses and educational training events.

Everyone can submit an activity for publication on this webpage using the link on the right side. Note that to avoid announcements that may not be of a sufficiently broad interest for an interuniversity web site (e.g., internal lab meetings not aimed at outside attendees), publication is moderated by committee members. Thus, expect an average delay of one day before seeing your entry displayed. In case of problem or questions, you will be directly contacted by the responsible moderator.

Please notice that the Thematic Doctoral School in Neurosciences also provides financial support for the organization of activities of interest for PhD students (see here).

A digest of published activities is distributed through the newsletter at regular interval. You can subscribe here. If you want your activity announced to all affiliate members, it is recommended submitting your activity at least two weeks in advance.

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