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Valéry Legrain (UCL)valery.legrain -at-


Alban de Kerchove d’Exaerde (ULB) : -at-

Philippe Peigneux (ULB) : Philippe.Peigneux -at-

Fadel Tissir (UCL) : Fadel.Tissir -at-

Gaetan Garraux (ULg) : ggarraux -at-

Steve Majerus (ULg) : smajerus -at-

Laurence Ris (UMons) : laurence.ris -at-


✝ Our colleague Etienne Olivier (UCL) unexpectedly passed away March 8, 2016. Etienne was a great scientist truly concerned by the future and training of young researchers and PhDs and the evolution of neurosciences. His disparition is a great loss for this group. We offer our sincere condelences to his family