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Title :

GIGA Conference: Deconstructing and reconstructing the enteric nervous system

Date / Time:

11-12-2018 - 12:30

Type of seminar :

Seminar and meetings

Summary :

The enteric nervous system (ENS) is the largest, most phenotypically complex part of the peripheral nervous system. The ENS encompasses the intrinsic neural networks of the gut, which regulate gastrointestinal physiology and homeostasis. The aim of Prof. Pachnis research is to discover how the ENS is built, what goes wrong when it doesn’t develop normally and how gastrointestinal diseases affect it’s organisation and function. The group of Vassilis Pachnis identify and study genes and molecular signals that guide the development of the enteric nervous system in embryos, promote its maturation in early life and maintain its fitness in adulthood.

Name of speakers :

Vassilis Pachnis

Speaker's affiliation :

The Francis Crick Institute, UK

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Address :

Avenue de L'Hôpital 11
Tour GIGA B34
Floor number :+5

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